What did all of history's most powerful have in common?
Jesus... Moses... Merlin... Arthur... Egyptian Prophetess Isis...

Across cultures and religions, these figures have been recognized for their great intuition, intellect, and supernatural abilities that derive from a strong connection with divine power. 

But were their connections innate, or did they require a powerful medium to bridge the gap?

When Moses set terrifying plagues upon Egypt and carved a path through the Red Sea, at the center of his mystical feats was his staff. The Christian Holy Artifact ‘Bachal Isu’ or ‘Staff of Jesus’, Isis’ Was-scepter, Merlin’s Sidhe Staff, and Arthur’s Excalibur were intrinsic to their stories, and a vital element of their most defining moments.

Would any staff have worked, or was there a secret to their construction?
unlocking the mystery
Many have claimed to know the exact measurements behind the Staff of Moses, but few have ever truly deduced it. 

Using historical clues and scientific principles that we’ve cross-referenced with real measurements from ancient cities and artifacts, we’ve not only unlocked the true dimensions of the Staff of God – we can PROVE them! 

This was the knowledge possessed by ancient civilizations that allowed them to discern knowledge such as the speed of light eons before our time. 

With the length of the staff, we also have the information needed to find its frequency. 
Knowing the right length down to the millimeter is CRITICAL, or else the user risks inviting harmful frequencies into their being.

Our calculations integrate many sources, including Egyptian iconography, carvings, depictions of Roman and Greek gods and goddesses, and most importantly, the Bible. 

Using clues left behind that incorporate the measurements of the Ark of the Covenant, Noah’s Ark, the Great Pyramids, and the FACTUAL Royal Cubit, we now know the length of God’s Measuring Rod down to the ten thousandth-decimal place. 

The number is also connected to other significant sacred geometry and numbers, such as Phi, the Golden Ratio, and the number 12.

The Human Body As An Antenna
Have you ever touched a radio antenna and had the signal improve? 

It’s been scientifically proven that the human body can transmit and receive radio waves like an antenna, so when we do this, we’re using our own bodies as an extension to make them more powerful.

The same principles apply to the Staff of Moses. 
The human body on its own is like an antenna transmitting a weak signal, but by using a staff constructed with sacred principles that allow us to transmit more divine frequencies, you can unlock supernatural abilities beyond anything you’ve ever imagined, and manifest your greatest desires.

What Do You Choose To Manifest?
Staffs can be made from sapphire, topaz, ruby, sterling silver, 18k gold, electrum, cold-finish bronze, and copper, 
our Staff of Moses holds all the power and elegance of history’s most powerful scepters. 

Visually captivating and spiritually transformative, with it your intent can be used to reshape your existence.

Use its frequencies to begin your journey. 

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